About Us

The Broadwater Community Health Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1989.  Membership in the Broadwater Community Health Foundation is open to anyone.  The annual membership fee of $5 per person goes toward the support of our health services.  The non profit 501c(3) foundation has five volunteer board members who oversee the foundationís assets and distributions.  The foundation has two types of accounts, which are the BCHF savings account and the BCHF endowment account.  Both accounts help generate revenue to help with Broadwater Countyís health care needs.


Our County


Broadwater County was formed in 1897 and contains 1191 square miles of land and 48 square miles of water.  The county seat is Townsend.  Other towns within the county include Radersburg, Toston and Winston.


Broadwater County is a unique place to live.  Nestled between the Elkhorn Mountains to the west and the Big Belt Mountains to the east, the valley between offers many attractions.  Canyon Ferry reservoir provides outdoor enthusiasts with boating, fishing, water skiing and ice boat sailing.  The area is truly a sportsman paradise with hunting, fishing, hiking and camping virtually out the back door. 


Agriculture, mining, and the timber industry along with great schools, churches and modern, efficient medical facilities make this a genuine place to work and live.  Our county has a small home town atmosphere with a caring and safe place to raise a family.


Our Goal


The goal of Broadwater Community Health Foundation is to provide financial help to Broadwater Countyís medical needs.  We do this by funding medical equipment and purchases that are approved by the foundation board.



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