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2009 Distribution


The Broadwater Community Health Foundation distributed $30,901.00 for 2009.  These funds were used to help upgrade and provide new medical equipment for the BHC Ambulances and the BHC facility.  Included in the purchases were; dishwasher, immuno �assay analyzer, EKG machine, treadmill, IV Fluid warmers for the ambulances, and wheelchairs.


2010 Distribution


The Broadwater Community Health Foundation distributed $44,775.04 for 2010.  Purchases include a Hematology Analyzer for the lab, a Ceiling light for the ER,  two GPS units, two blood pressure cuff/stethoscope combo, two SamSling pelvic fracture stabilization devices for the ambulances, an adjustable wheel chair, a Laryngoscopy for the ER, and a Van Car�Vera lift package.  All of these medical items will help insure that patients of Broadwater Health Center will receive first rate care.


2011 Distribution


In 2011, the Broadwater Community Health Foundation distributed $66,885.63 in total funds to help add and replace critically needed medical equipment to help patients of BHC.  Included in the purchases were: a new bath system for the long term care patients, a cardiac monitor system for the hospital, two new lift recliners for the day room, a steam table for the kitchen, a new microscope, centrifuge and batteries for the portable x-ray machine in the lab, and a transfer pal and backboard pads for the ambulance.


2012 Distribution


In the year 2012, Broadwater Community Health Foundation  contributed $121,551.13 to help pay for various needs of Broadwater Health Center.  Purchases included were motorized gurneys, tourniquets, thermal scanners, a Hare traction device and personal flotation devices for the ambulance.  A new nurse call system was updated for the hospital and nursing home.  A new oxygen system was also updated in the facility.  There were also several miscellaneous expenses that the Foundation covered for BHC with the 2012 distribution.

Also Broadwater Community Health Foundation has awarded Broadwater Health Center a loan in the amount of $450,000.00.  The loan will be repaid over 10 years with 3% interest.  As for repaying the loan, grant money that would have gone to the Health Center will now go to cover the loan payment.


To date, the Foundation has awarded $753,586.00 to the Health Center.

2013 Distribution

For the year 2013, Broadwater Community Health Foundation had $103,642.45 available for distribution to help with various Broadwater Health Center needs. 

After covering the loan payments for the year back to the foundation, there was $51042.45 available for the distribution to BHC.  The foundation approved the following purchases for BHC.  A blood coagulator along with supplies, and auto scan / micro scan along with an interface and cables, and panels from the Siemens Healthcare were funded for purchase by BHC.  The endowment fund had another great year with the stock market showing good returns. 

2014-2015 Distribution

Broadwater Health Foundation had another successful year for 2014-2015.  The McMaster endowment fund earned $100,661.43 available for distribution.  After covering the loan payment, the Foundation board voted to fund a new defibrillator (34,500.00) for the emergency room.  Also the board voted to fund a new commercial washing machine, and medication cart, along with 20 chair covers for the nursing home.

Also the board approved to provide $500 out of non-endowment funds to help the Broadwater Elementary School start an organic garden at the school.  Members thought this would be a healthy learning project for the young Broadwater County.

2015-2016 Distribution

The McMaster Endowment provided $98,542.63 for available funds to help with medical needs of Broadwater County.  After covering all loan payments, $43,342.63 was available for distribution.  The board decided to purchase a blood bank workstation for the lab, two exam tables for the emergency room, two lift recliners for the nursing home, straps for the long back boards for the ambulance, and contributed to the physician recruitment plan.  This still leaves approx. $23,000 left for  distribution which the board with take into consideration for future needs of BHC for this year.


2016-2017 Distribution

Broadwater Health Foundation�s earnings from the McMaster Endowment provided $99.653.55 for the 2016-2017 year.  After reimbursement of the loan payments and interest there was $48,327.55 available to distribute.  The equipment purchased with this money included $12,000 for an ultrasound machine, $14,830 for a X-ray/CT radiology read equipment, $7800 for two commercial dryers, $450 for ambulance lifts, $2178.96 for three laptop computers, and $10,636.00 for four recliners.  The endowment fund provided another successful year with earnings helping with much needed equipment for use at Broadwater Health Center.

2017-2018 Distribution

This year was another outstanding year for earnings on the McMaster endowment.  This year there was 100,414.60 total earnings available for distribution.  The Foundation board voted to postpone two principle loan payments due from BHC to the Foundation.  An attorney drew up papers to accomplish delaying the loan payments for one year.  After holding back the interest and holding out administrative expenses there was $91,562.60 available for use by BHC.  The Foundation continues to help keep health care a focus for the people of Broadwater County.

2018-2019 Distribution

The McMaster endowment provided a return of 103,474.60 available to the Foundation for this year.  This year the loan payments that are due from BHC will use up 97,800.00.  Also with administrative expenses taken out there will be 4,600.60 available to distribute.  The board is considering options on how best to use this money.


More News from BCHF

The board of directors has passed a resolution formalizing a fundraising committee and establishing the Circle 100 Club and the Legacy Project for the purpose of raising money for the Foundation's charitable purpose and intent.  The Circle 100 Club has helped BHC purchase handicapped doors for the hospital along with a washer/dryer, a Health Rider for physical therapy department and also a snow blower for the maintenance department.  Please contact board members for more information on the Legacy Project.

Look for our booth at Fallfest 2018.  This year we will be raffling off tickets for the Cat-Grizz game in Missoula!!  We also will have our $1000 in cash raffle as well!!

Then in late October we will be having our "Spooktacular" event!!  There will be more details to come.

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